How to protect your online identity with a VPN ?

We spend most of our time online. Our current lives are actually divided by our online and offline presence, which are at the same time strongly connected to each other.

The concept of online identity has been developed over the last years referring to the increase concerns over anonymity and privacy.

In that sense protecting your online identity with a reliable VPN service has become one the priorities of many Internet users in 2017.

The importance of hiding your IP address for a safe web browsing

We have heard of an increasing number of cases of stolen identity online by just locating a person’s IP address.

All they needed was a person to be browsing the internet to easily located their IP address.

Hackers are actually able to track down most of your details from your IP address, that is why it has become so important to secure your online identity by hiding your IP address.

You could think of your IP address has the digital mark you leave when you are online. Wouldn’t you want to make sure nobody cant track you and your sensitive information down ?

That’s exactly where a VPN service comes in handy.

Anonymize your online identity and protect your private information

We’ve said that your IP address could be understood as your digital mark. We want to highlight the importance of understanding how every time you visit a website, you purchase something online, you register somewhere or you stream content, each of the websites you have accessed have recorded your IP address.

Although most of the time those records are only used by business to monitor your online activity and understand your consumer behavior, it becomes quite obvious how exposed you can actually be.

Most of the best VPN providers offer a great protection in that field by anonymizing your online identity hence protecting your online activity from being exposed and unsafe.

In that sense a VPN service is a great ally to hide your online identity and ensure that you safely surf the web.