Discover how to use a VPN for legal torrenting and PHP file sharing

Uploading, downloading and sharing massive files with other users is a common practice amongst Internet users.

In the last two decades, the so-called torrents have open the doors to piracy, but torrenting and PHP file sharing not necessary implies behaving against the law.

Is it legal to use torrent and PHP file sharing?

It all depends on the purpose. Uploading and sharing a large file that contains content that is no copyrighted or downloading this kind of material is legitimate.

Nonetheless, when you add, share and download material that legally belongs and is owned by a holder, then it undoubtedly will be a breach of copyright.

Depending on the country you live, you can end up facing a penalty that can include paying an expensive fine and prison on the worst-case scenario.

The advantages of using a VPN for torrenting

If your idea is to use torrents and PHP file sharing platforms to legally share your own created files with other users or download no-copyrighted files from others, you should consider to protect your Internet connection with a VPN service.

First of all, because many hackers take the opportunity that many use torrent transfers to add some virus in some files. With a VPN you can fully be protected from online infections.

Secondly, because with a VPN you can also enjoy from an anonymous and private connections, especially if you use a provider that promises to offer a no-logs policy.

You can safely download content without to worry about who can see your data and your history. Basically, your online activity becomes your business and remains private as your date will be encrypted.

How to legally use torrents with a VPN?

In addition to a VPN that allows torrent traffic, make sure you also have an antivirus to ensure your devices are not infected with malicious torrents.

Join a private torrent community as you will be more likely to download virus-free content.

Make also sure you go for torrents with lots of “seeders”. This is a good sign that the file you are about to download most likely is free from virus.

Do not forget to check the comments from other users to know their feedback about a particular file.

Finally, to the extent possible, avoid downloading executable files (.EXE, .BIN, .BAT…) as they are proner to contain malicious software.

*Photo by alexskopje | ShutterStock.