Is it possible to surf the ‘Net anonymously with a VPN?

We live in an era where we constantly share on social networks what we eat, which movies we watch or what activities we do on a daily basis.

However, we all seek some privacy, and anonymity when we go online, and browse the web.

Many people rely on VPN services to enjoy from some personal data protection, but do they really give users the chance to surf the ‘Net in a reliable incognito mode?

Anonymous VPN providers: the perfect solution to safeguard the privacy of your online identity

Being 100% anonymous when you connect to the Internet is impossible. Nothing remains completely confidential on the ‘Net.

Nevertheless, you can encrypt your data, hide your IP or enjoy from a strict no-log policy with certain VPN services.

When deciding what VPN provider you want to get, if you are concerned about your online identity privacy, then consider getting a VPN service that really takes your anonymity very seriously.

Providers like NordVPN offer some features that maximize your anonymity when go online.

To start with they use military-grade double data encryption, which means that your Internet connection goes through two different serves that are located in two different places.

Your IP is also hidden. The way it works is by replacing your IP address with a new one from a remote server of your choice, a server located in another country for example.

These two factors guarantee a high level of anonymity.

The service promises to not keep track of your online activity, and also offers what they call as Onion over VPN, a tool that encodes traffic with a VPN layer before it is sent to the Tor network.

Many users do not feel confident when making payments online. With VPN providers like NordVPN you will be able to use Bitcoins when you subscribe to the service.

Your details will remain safe, and anonymous as the only information visible is the amount paid.

Full anonymity on the ‘Net may not be possible, but by using anonymous VPNs you will be able to browse the web with confidence that your identity is highly protected from hackers!

*Photo by G-stockstudio | ShutterStock.