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Is it possible to surf the ‘Net anonymously with a VPN?

We live in an era where we constantly share on social networks what we eat, which movies we watch or what activities we do on a daily basis. However, we all seek some privacy, and anonymity when we go online, and browse the web. Many people rely on VPN services to enjoy from some personal […]

Can ransomware attacks be prevented with a VPN?

Cyber-attacks occur on a daily basis. To minimize the risk of your valuable date being stolen by hackers is advised to use anti-virus, and to be cautious about what material you download from the Internet. However, can a VPN really protect you from a ransomware attack?

Using a VPN when traveling

Having a secure and fast connection when you are traveling abroad is a foremost priority for many Internet users. One of the biggest advantages of most VPN services is that they support different devices and then you can be connected through different servers located at almost any place on the world. So, you can enjoy […]

Proxy servers and VPN: What is the difference?

Finding the right tools to browse the Internet securely and anonymously is one of the primary measures that people love to take when installing a computing system at home or the office or when connecting while on the move. Proxy servers and VPNs are fantastic tools to let you connect to a remote computer as […]

Discover how to use a VPN for legal torrenting and PHP file sharing

Uploading, downloading and sharing massive files with other users is a common practice amongst Internet users. In the last two decades, the so-called torrents have open the doors to piracy, but torrenting and PHP file sharing not necessary implies behaving against the law.

How to access blocked social media sites with a VPN?

Most social media sites are easy to access in almost any country in the world, however some Governments have implemented policies that forbid its citizens to socialize through these online platforms. Accessing to networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is restricted in countries like China, South Korea or Turkey. The best solution to gain […]

Why is it useful to use a VPN for online gaming?

Online gamers usually are up to date with the latest advances in technology to make the best of their experience. Regardless you are a hardcore gamer or you play once in a while, you should consider using a VPN to protect your data and get fastest connections when you play your favourite videogame. What aspects […]

How to use a VPN on your SmartTV?

If you are a cinema lover or follow one of the most popular TV shows, you probably have thought of or already are using streaming services to enjoy the latest episodes from your favourite programs. Many users choose to use a VPN in order to make their experience more secure and fast and, of course, […]

Choosing a VPN that suits your needs

When it comes to navigating through the Internet and sharing files, every user wants a VPN (Virtual Private Network) services that offers the maximum speed and security. However, depending on your needs, you will go for one service or another. To choose the best VPN provider for you, you first should assess your VPN needs […]

Why is a VPN important when streaming videos ?

Online streaming has become very popular. Actually so popular that many people are giving up on TV because they just prefer to stream online for their favorite content. However, if streaming has become a habit for you, or even if you just do it sometimes, you have to keep in mind that you could be […]