How to set up a VPN ? (Ex. How to connect on a VPN on android/iPhone)

Setting up a VPN on a Windows is very easy as Windows is already equipped with a VPN client which will support the most common VPN protocols. However, if you don’t have windows or you are unsure of how to set up a VPN protocol, we strongly encourage contacting the customer support. 
The best VPN providers we have listed on our rank have a great customer support that will be able to assist you at any moment.
If you are looking to connect to a VPN from your android or your iPhone it is worth noting that best VPN providers have specific apps available for android and iOS to help you using your VPN on your mobile device.
You have to take into account as well that physical locations for mobile users aren’t stationary so a VPN would be a great solution to help you keep all your apps connected and running even when your are moving.