How to access blocked social media sites with a VPN?

Most social media sites are easy to access in almost any country in the world, however some Governments have implemented policies that forbid its citizens to socialize through these online platforms.

Accessing to networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is restricted in countries like China, South Korea or Turkey.

The best solution to gain a pass to these kind social platforms is by using a VPN.

A VPN can give you access to censored sites

Whether if you are living in or travelling to one of these places with such restricting online policies and you want to enjoy unlimited access to blocked media sites, the best choice is to go for a VPN provider that works as a website unblocker.

Unblocking censored social media sites

Most VPNs include a feature that unblocks restricted websites.

The way it works basically is by redirecting all your Internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel.

In such way, your data and your online activity will not be visible to others. It cannot either be modified or censored by external parties.

Changing your IP to a new location

In addition to giving you instant access to censored social media site and other online services by encrypting your web traffic, with a VPN you will be able to user a different sever location and change your IP address.

You can switch to one of the dedicated thousand ones that most VPN services provide.

This means that you can visit websites as if you were located in another country in the world.

You will be able to enjoy from unlimited, easy and quick admission to those restricted platforms, regardless your location.

In that way, you will not miss any more opportunities to socialize on your favourite online networks!

*Photo by Rawpixel | ShutterStock.