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How to upgrade your online security

Online security is increasingly becoming the number one priority for more and more Internet users. Indeed, online security is finally starting to be taken seriously into account ! Privacy, security, data safety…do you really think you are safe from cyber-criminals ? This 2017 seems to be a year that will put the emphasis into developing […]

3 tips to choose the best VPN Provider

Virtual Private Networks known as VPN are starting to be crown as the kings of online security and online privacy. They are indeed a great ally when it comes to ensuring your privacy, secured and anonymous file sharing, overcoming censorship… the list is almost endless ! That is why it is very important to understand […]

How to protect your online identity with a VPN ?

We spend most of our time online. Our current lives are actually divided by our online and offline presence, which are at the same time strongly connected to each other. The concept of online identity has been developed over the last years referring to the increase concerns over anonymity and privacy. In that sense protecting […]

How can a VPN benefit your business ?

Whether you have a small business or a business located in different countries, you have probably been looking for the best option to boost communication and security in your business. VPN providers are starting to be discovered by more and more business as they bring in lots of benefits. Do you know how a VPN […]